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Acts Leader Guide: Books of Faith

Acts Leader Guide: Books of Faith

The Holy Spirit is clearly at work in Acts, pouring out on people from many nations on the day of Pentecost, giving Jesus’ disciples the power to speak boldly, gathering early believers together for worship, and sending out Peter and Paul as missionaries. In this course, participants will examine the beginnings of the church and will find meaningful connections between the early church and the church today.

This 8-session course explores selected passages from Acts.

  1. The Spirit Creates Community (Acts 2:1-47)
  2. The Empowering Spirit (Acts 4:1-37)
  3. The Spirit on the Margins (Acts 8:1-40)
  4. The Conversion of Peter (Acts 10:1-48)
  5. World Upside Down (Acts 17:1-34)
  6. A Riot in Ephesus (Acts 19:1-41)
  7. On Trial for the Resurrection (Acts 24:1-27)
  8. And So We Came to Rome (Acts 28:1-31)
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  • Publication Date July 31, 2012

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