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Worship Education

Renew and deepen worship life for people of all ages around word and sacrament.

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  • Infants–Adults

    Daniel Erlander's Baptism Manuals spring to life as a family of books, curriculum and a video to support baptismal preparation and ongoing baptismal education for people of all ages.

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  • Infants–Adults

    Daniel Erlander's A Place for You springs to life as a family of books and videos design to help people of all ages gain a richer understanding of Jesus' invitation to his special meal.

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  • Youth–Adults

    Gain a richer understanding of Lutheran worship and explore why we gather, how we encounter God in worship, and how that encounter shapes our response in both our communities and our world.

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  • Infants–Adults

    These resources support pastors, parents, and sponsors as they prepare for the sacrament of Holy Baptism.

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  • Children–Adults

    Customizable, multi-media resources for leading children, youth, and adults into the sacrament of Holy Communion.

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  • Pre-Readers–Young Readers

    Encourage your youngest members to learn about worship traditions, celebrations, and seasons with activity-based, engaging guides.

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  • Infants–Adults

    Generations of Lutherans can point to the works of Daniel Erlander and tell vivid stories about how his voice has helped them better understand what it means to embrace their Christian faith.

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The Use of the Means of Grace

The Use of the Means of Grace is the ELCA’s guiding document on the practice of word and sacrament. Lutherans continue to live into the richness of this statement. Available for purchase and as a free digital download in both English and Spanish.

Why teach about worship?

  • congregation, group of people and cross icon

    Welcome newcomers

    Answer questions about worship for people who are new to the Christian faith or to a Lutheran church.

  • hands in praise icon

    Connect the generations

    Lead people of all ages into more active participation in worship and deeper appreciation of God’s gifts in word and sacrament.

  • group of people icon

    Develop leaders

    Involving lay people in leading worship enriches the Sunday gathering and builds confident leaders for the church’s life.

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    Link worship and daily life

    Build awareness of how gathering for weekly worship also equips people for living faithfully every day.