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Adult Faith Formation

Nurture faith and explore the Bible in adult study groups.

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Lutheran Study Bible

Explore the Bible with study aids including introductions, notes, and articles written by more than 60 Lutheran pastors and teaching theologians. NRSV translation.

Why choose these resources?

  • Introductory to in-depth

    Choose a course for seekers, adults who want a refresher, or those who love to read and discuss in greater depth.

  • A variety of ways to learn

    Engage adults in reading the Bible and course books, viewing session videos, journaling, group discussions, and individual reflection.

  • Easy to lead

    Leader guides give you the tools you need to facilitate learning and encourage thoughtful discussion within your group.

  • Unique groups, unique discussions

    Deepen faith with open discussions, creative ideas, and whatever else groups bring to the table.