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Book of Faith

Embrace the church’s Book of Faith with Bible studies and devotional resources.

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  • 4–8 sessions per study

    Explore individual books of the Bible through historical, literary, Lutheran, and devotional lenses. Each Books of Faith study includes a Leader Guide and Learner Guide.

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  • 3–7 sessions per study

    Explore a theme or look at Revised Common Lectionary texts through historical, literary, Lutheran, and devotional lenses. Each study includes a Leader Guide, Learner Guide, and Liturgy and Preaching Supports.

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  • 7–8 sessions per course

    Discuss big questions about scripture, Christian faith, and the cross. David J. Lose is the course author and video presenter.

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  • 16 sessions per course

    Courses on Bible Introduction, Jesus, and Paul, each featuring a DVD created by sand artist Joe Castillo, a participant book, and leader guide. Lutheran Study Bible is highly recommended for leaders and participants.

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    Practical courses that help leaders and participants develop basic Bible study skills.

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    Advent Reflections is a series of daily devotional resources that include Bible studies for group use and activity ideas and suggestions for families.

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    Open scripture and join in conversations about the Bible with friends, family, or a small group during Lent. Free downloadable worship helps are available for each Lenten Journey.

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    Offering Bible readings and prayers for each day, this devotional is perfect for individuals, congregations, households, or small groups.

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Lutheran Study Bible cover art

Lutheran Study Bible

Explore the Bible with study aids including introductions, notes, and articles written by more than 60 Lutheran pastors and teaching theologians. NRSV translation.

What do Book of Faith resources offer?

  • tools, wrench and screwdriver icon

    Tools that empower learners

    Book of Faith resources give learners the tools to dig into the Bible on their own, bringing their own questions and life experiences into the mix.

  • flexible, converging arrows icon

    Adaptable and flexible approaches

    Flexible resources accommodate individuals or groups, short or long time commitments, and daily, seasonal, or topical reading.

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    Promoting biblical fluency

    Learners get better acquainted with key biblical characters and events, and the overarching story of God’s redeeming love.

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    Being the church together

    Your congregation joins thousands of others in the ongoing Book of Faith initiative.