Augsburg Fortress

  • Manna and Mercy starter pack

    Manna and Mercy

    Based on Daniel Erlander’s beloved Bible retelling, this curriculum includes 4 sessions for young children, 16 elementary-age kids, 16 confirmation students, and 16 high school youth and adults plus 16 Mini Bible Studies.

  • Good Stewards Together cover

    Good Stewards Together

    Bring your entire congregation together this summer for intergenerational events about stewardship. Choose from 10 events around the themes of Spirit, the Bible, Discipleship, Church, and World, and as well as an opening kickoff and a closing event.

  • Hay Un Lugar Para Ti cover

    Hay Un Lugar Para Ti: A Place for You Bilingual Edition

    A beloved story of Jesus welcoming you to his special meal of Holy Communion. Published in 1999, this classic Erlander book has invited many to join their place at the table. This bilingual edition includes text in both English and Spanish.

  • All Creation Sings Pew Edition cover

    All Creation Sings

    In addition to new prayers and liturgies, All Creation Sings contains approximately 200 hymns and songs, many of them newly created over the last fifteen years, supporting the church year and a wide range of topics.

  • Easter Glory Paschal Candle, Plain End

    Paschal Candles

    Easter is the time to switch out your Paschal candle, and we carry a wide variety of designs to meet your needs.

  • The Three-Day Feast cover

    The Three-Day Feast

    In this book Ramshaw gives a little history and a lot of suggestions about how the services of Maundy Thursday, Good Friday, and the Easter Vigil can enrich the worship life of your entire assembly.

  • Weekly devotionals

    Weekly Devotional Sign-Up

    Every Monday Augsburg Fortress sends a devotional message and selection of artwork based on the text from the day before. Continue to reflect and ponder on Sunday’s text as you begin your week.