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The Greatest Story

The amazing story of God’s love for all creation

Why choose The Greatest Story?

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    Catch the vision, beginning to end

    Present a big-picture overview of the Bible—discussing key people, places, and events in an easy-to-understand way.

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    See the story come to life

    Engage people in deeper exploration of the Bible through captivating sand art presentations by renowned artist Joe Castillo.

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    Open the Bible

    Dive deeper into the story. Each session offers inspiration and recommendations for reading and studying the Bible.

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    Become part of the story

    Invite participants to discover where they fit in the greatest story and how the greatest story fits in their lives.

How it works

Each session features a compelling video by Joe Castillo, plus a book chapter and corresponding leader helps. Learners read, hear, see, and discuss the story and how it connects to their lives. Comprehensive leader guides provide suggested Bible readings, story scripts, activities, charts, maps, and more.

Course contents

Each course in this series provides 16 sessions to dive deep into the greatest story. Download a summary of course contents.

The Story
Introducing the Bible
God’s People on the Move
Getting Settled
Kings and Kingdoms
Trails of Tears and Joy
2 Kings—Esther, Lamentations, Daniel
When God Speaks
The Prophets
For Every Matter under Heaven
Wisdom and Poetry Books
People of Promise
The Old Testament Story for Us
The Word Became Flesh
The Gospels, Part 1
Who Do You Say I Am?
The Gospels, Part 2
You Will Be My Witnesses
The Power of God for Salvation
The Letters of Paul
So Great a Cloud of Witnesses
General Letters
Come, Lord Jesus!
Jesus People
The New Testament Story for Us
Who Is This Jesus?
Four Gospels
God Is with Us
Birth Narratives
This Is My Son
Baptism, Calling, Temptation
Fulfilled in Your Hearing
Ministry Begins
Follow Me
Calling Disciples
Who Then Is This?
Making Miracles
Who Touched Me?
Let the Forgiven Forgive
Blessed Are You
The Kingdom Is Like . . .
Lost and Found
I Am
Sayings and Symbols
Entering Jerusalem
Holy Week
Broken for You
Final Night
Crucify Him!
Trial and Death
A Sunday Surprise
God’s Story and Paul’s Story
Life in the Roman Empire and Greco-Roman World
Paul’s Jewish World
Paul’s New Calling in God’s New Creation
Paul’s Letters and Legacy
A Memo from Prison
Sharing and Living the Gospel
Joy Even in Tough Times
1 Thessalonians
Whose Do You Think You Are?
1 Corinthians 1–10
We Shall All Be Changed
1 Corinthians 11–16
Hope amid Real Conflict
2 Corinthians
No Turning Back
Freedom in Christ
The Promises of God for Perfect (and Imperfect) Strangers
Romans 1–6
Is God Faithful?
Romans 7–11
Life in the Spirit
Romans 12–16

The Greatest Story: Jesus, session 2