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Dialogues On

Turn conflict into community.

Why choose Dialogues On?

  • Start a dialogue around difficult topics

    Facilitate challenging conversations with a structured leader guide that offers guidance on how to structure small group conversations.

  • Customize discussions to your group’s needs

    Tweak the experience to work for your group’s dynamics—take more time with topics that require more discussion, based on group feedback and interaction.

  • Teach small groups how to effectively communicate and actively listen

    Focus on bringing different perspectives together through active communication and listening, guiding adults to speak on difficult world issues at both macro and local community levels.

  • Turn conflict into community

    Create a space for people to have difficult conversations—allowing their opinions to be heard and respected, ultimately turning conflict into community.

How it works

Dialogues On resources and methodology are built to help leaders create an engaging experience people want to a part of, and include a leader guide, participant book, and DVD. Each Dialogues On session follows a four-part series:

  • Participants will read a weekly topic
  • Gather in a small group to discuss key learnings
  • Watch a video featuring a leading voice
  • Share ideas with the group