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Dialogues On

Start a conversation with your community

Why choose Dialogues On?

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    Start a conversation around social justice topics

    Engage your adults in a conversation around social justice topics, like refugees and sexuality, to explore what these topics mean to individuals and your community.

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    Customize discussions to your group’s needs

    Tweak the experience to work for your group’s dynamics—take more time with topics that require more discussion, based on group feedback and interaction.

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    Build communication skills

    Help leaders and participants build communication skills throughout the seven-week course, giving them skills to continue the conversation with others outside of small group.

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    Create a small group they’ll love

    Build a small group for your community that focuses on hot topics in today’s society and gives them an opportunity to discuss the topics in further depth.

How it works

Dialogues On resources and methodology are built to help leaders create an engaging experience people want to be a part of, and include a leader guide, participant book, and DVD. Each Dialogues On session follows a four-part series:

  • Participants will read a weekly topic
  • Gather in a small group to discuss key learnings
  • Watch a video featuring a leading voice
  • Share ideas with the group

Course contents

Each Dialogues On unit explores a social justice issue over the course of seven weeks. Download a free sample to see what’s included.

The story we live in
Brianne Casey
People without a place
Dr. Beth Oppenheim-Chan
A global perspective
Jenny Yang
Network of care
Sarah Krause, MS
Facing our history
Halima Z. Adams
Looking for home
Aubrey Leigh Grant
Where do we go from here?
Matthew Soerens
A Man’s World: The Church and the Pervasive Problem of Patriarchy
Brandi Miller
I Kissed Niceness Goodbye: How Women Can Overcome Shame and Reclaim Ourselves
Carla Ewert and Linda Kay Klein
Sex and Marriage: The Search for Holy Intimacy
Dr. Tina Schermer Sellers
Pink Capes and Zip-up Boots: Language, Identity, and the Power of Words
Isaac Archuleta
What Does It Mean to Be Transgender?: Moving Beyond Bathroom Bills and Into the Lives of Real People
Rev. Dr. Paula Stone Williams
Are All Welcome?: Creating an Authentically Affirming Community
George Mekhail
Building an Ethic of Sexual Wholeness: Seeking a New Way Forward
Rev. Marcus Halley
What Does it Mean to be White?: History and the Social Construct of Race
Daniel Hill
Christmas Cookies from Cambodia: The Bible and Race in America
Kristofer Coffman
Say It Loud: I’m Black and I’m Proud: Anti-Blackness, Oppression, and the Dehumanization of Black Bodies
Rozella Haydée White
American Amnesia: Christianity and the Erasing of Native American Stories
Jim Bear Jacobs
Whither the Women?: Race, Gender, and the Intersecting Nature of Oppression
Cami Jones
Two Christianities: American Religion in Black and White
Broderick Greer
A New Heaven and a New Earth: The Problem with Racial Reconciliation
Lenny Duncan