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Breathe new life into your congregation

Why choose Animate?

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    Videos jump-start the conversation

    Videos blend live action with animation to introduce questions, provide thought-provoking perspectives, and invite viewers into the dialogue.

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    Unique groups, unique discussions

    Leaders can customize and tweak sessions to work for the group’s dynamics.

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    Creative approach

    Participants discuss, sketch, create, and share in each session.

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    Easy to lead

    Facilitator guides prepare you to guide and lead vibrant discussions.

How it works

Participants watch videos featuring a leading Christian voice, spend time on personal reflection and journaling, and share ideas with the group. Leader chooses how each session unfolds.

Session resources are available as a complete curriculum or digital lessons.

"Yesterday I received the Animate curriculum. It's beautiful! Such a gift to churches and people who want to follow Jesus!"
Allen , pastor, Minnesota
"For months we've been searching for a resource that was theologically rich, ecumenically appropriate, and engaging for young adults. Animate exceeded our expectations in every respect."
Ramona and Brian , pastors, Iowa
"The Animate journals are breathtaking."
Chad , pastor, Kansas

Brian McLaren on Prayer—Animate: Practices

Course contents

Each Animate course explores a key topic in seven sessions. Download a summary of course contents.

God: Faith Is a Quest
Brian McLaren
Religion: Spirituality Is Not Enough
Lillian Daniel
Jesus: The Revolution of Love
Mark Scandrette
Salvation: Abundant Life Now
Shane Hipps
Cross: Where God Is
Nadia Bolz-Weber
Bible: A Book Like No Other
Lauren Winner
Church: An Imperfect Family
Bruce Reyes-Chow
Canon: Mining for the Word
Eric Elnes
History: Parchment to Pixel
Phyllis Tickle
Testaments: One Story, Two Parts
Rachel Held Evans
Gospels: Unexpected Good News
Nadia Bolz-Weber
Genre: Rhythm of the Text
Jose Morales
Interpretation: Scripture Reads Us
Will Willimon
Grace: Love Is the Bottom Line
Jay Bakker
Prayer: Oriented toward God
Brian McLaren
Food: Eating, with Jesus
Sara Miles
Worship: Seeking God's Presence
Mike Slaughter
Sacraments: A Tapestry of Traditions
Phyllis Tickle
Money: The Joy of Sharing
Shane Claiborne
Service: The Needs Right in Front of You
Enuma Okoro
Community: An Unexpected Family
Doug Pagitt