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Romans Leader Session Guide: Books of Faith

Romans Leader Session Guide: Books of Faith

Paul's letter to the Romans is very different than any of his other letters. Paul addresses many of the important questions that arise when one considers the relationship between God and creation, as well as topics such as salvation and grace. Participants will engage in vibrant discussion around each of these topics in the course. 

This 6-session Bible study explores selected passages from the book of Romans. For groups wanting to enhance the study by covering the entire book of Romans, homework and enrichment activities are included in this study.

  1. What must I do to be saved? (Romans 3:9-31)
  2. Saved by grace . . . isn't that too good to be true? (Romans 5:1-11)
  3. If what I do doesn't save me, does it matter how I live? (Romans 6:1-23)
  4. Where is God when we suffer? (Romans 8:18-39)
  5. How can I keep from singing? (Romans 10:1-21)
  6. What does God want from us? (Romans 12:1-21)

Note: This Leader Guide refers to a Session Prep Video and a subscription version of Book of Faith studies that are not available.

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  • Publication Date May 15, 2009

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