Augsburg Fortress

Come to the Water Starter Pack

Come to the Water Starter Pack

This pack contains the following Come to the Water Resources:

  • Come to the Water: An Interactive Baptism Manual for Kids
  • Come to the Water Leader Sourcebook
  • Come to the Water, Little One: My Holy Baptism Board Book
  • Come to the Water Animated Video
Gives you the components you need to introduce or reintroduce your congregation to Daniel Erlander's baptism manuals. Order additional board books and manuals for each participant in the sessions you plan. All resources are based on Daniel Erlander's original concepts and messages.

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  • Publisher Augsburg Fortress
  • Format Bundle
  • ISBN 9781506461489
  • Brand Erlander
  • Season/Occasion Baptism; Easter
  • Publication Date June 25, 2019

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