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Weekly Bulletin Service: Tripanel

Weekly Bulletin Service: Tripanel

Available with a devotional message and NRSV scripture readings on the back page. Bulletins measure 14 x 8-1/2" flat and are printed on high-quality 60 lb vellum paper.

Price per 100+ (Postpaid): US $7.99
Price per 50 (Postpaid): US $5.49

To subscribe, call 1 (800) 328-4648.
Canadian customers call 1 (800) 263-2664.

Weekly Bulletins are not returnable.

FREE 1 MONTH TRIAL to new Weekly Bulletin customers!

In the U.S. call 1 (800) 328-4648 for details!
In Canada call 1 (800) 263-2664 for details!

Augsburg Fortress weekly bulletins are a good way to welcome guests and members to worship. They are available in a variety of sizes and formats, so you can choose the bulletins that best fit your church.

Congregations must indicate their track option when ordering their Weekly Bulletin Service or Lectionary Inserts. Choose a track option when ordering your Weekly Bulletin Service or Lectionary Inserts. Each track allows you to focus on the days that are most important to your congregation. Bulletin Track variations are highlighted in Quarter 1, Quarter 2, Quarter 3, and Quarter 4.

Track 1: Lesser Festival Revised Common Lectionary
Lesser Festivals replace Sundays of the church year during Christmas and the Time after Pentecost. In 2011, there are two Lesser Festival replacements:

  • Reformation Sunday
  • All Saints Sunday

Track 2: Modified Revised Common Lectionary
Sundays of the church year with two Lesser Festival replacements: Reformation Sunday and All Saints Sunday.

Special Day Options
You may also order bulletins and inserts for special days as part of your standing order.

  • Christmas
  • Ash Wednesday
  • Maundy Thursday
  • Good Friday

Bulletins are sent quarterly:
Bulletins will be shipped to your congregation the month before the Sunday of first use. Orders for less than a one-quarter supply cannot be accepted.

All orders are accepted on a continual basis. Bulletins must be ordered in multiples of 50.

Decreases/Increases and Special Days: All order decreases and increases must be made prior to the cutoff date for the quarter. You may also order additional copies for Special Days, provided the request is made prior to the order cutoff dates.

Cancellations: If the bulletins do not meet your needs, let us know by canceling your standing order at any time before the cutoff for next quarter.

Reordering is unnecessary: If you are delighted, you need to do nothing more to receive your quarterly shipment. Your order will be shipped and billed automatically each quarter.

Order Cutoff Dates: for new orders or changes to orders (cancellations, decreases, and increases):
Quarter 1, December, January, February: Cutoff date is September 1st.
Quarter 2, March, April, May: Cutoff date is December 1st.
Quarter 3, June, July, August: Cutoff date is March 1st.
Quarter 4, September, October, November: Cutoff date is June 1st.

You can order using your AFP account number (credit card numbers are not accepted). Prices are listed by Bulletin Size and Format. You must indicate which Track you require. You may also order Bulletins for Special Days.

Shipping Dates:
Quarter 1, December, January, February: Shipping begins October 15th.
Quarter 2, March, April, May: Shipping begins January 15th.
Quarter 3, June, July, August: Shipping begins April 1st.
Quarter 4, September, October, November: Shipping begins July 1st.

Delivery Tracking Information:
You can now track your Weekly Bulletin Service order shipment. Just call 1 (800) 328-4648 to obtain your own UPS tracking number, so you can monitor your shipment to ensure you're available for delivery.
Not available in Canada. This service is not available for delivery of Lectionary Inserts from the U.S. Postal Service.

  • Call 800-328-4648 Monday - Friday, 8:00 AM to 4:30 PM (Central Daylight Time) for details

  • Item Number SUB0000013

Weekly bulletins

Weekly bulletins welcome God’s people to worship through colorful, vibrant images and are available in various sizes and formats.

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