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Dialogues On / Sexuality / DVD

Dialogues On / Sexuality / DVD

Explore a social justice topic that has an impact on your church and community with Dialogues On: Sexuality, an eight-week small group curriculum designed for adults to start a conversation about topics that have an impact on daily lives.

The Dialogues On: Sexuality DVD features a short video for each topic that includes interviews and perspectives about sexuality. Hear from ministry leaders and community members about sexuality and the church, including topics like patriarchy, women's rights, sex and marriage, and why language matters. The video offers a real-life glimpse at how these topics impact daily lives and what it means to the broader community, spurring conversation and discussion around the topics.

In addition to the Dialogues On: Sexuality DVD, the Dialogues On: Sexuality small group curriculum includes:

This curriculum contains topics for eight weeks of discussion in your small group for adults. Sexuality is the second topic in the Dialogues On series, following Dialogues On: The Refugee Crisis.

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  • Publisher Sparkhouse
  • Format DVD
  • ISBN 9781506453804
  • Brand Dialogues
  • Age/Grade Range Adult
  • Run Time 00:65:00
  • Publication Date January 22, 2019

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