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T.B.D.: Think. Believe. Do. / Salvation / Grades 9-12 / Student Journal

T.B.D.: Think. Believe. Do. / Salvation / Grades 9-12 / Student Journal

To truly engage your youth in their faith formation, it requires giving them a sense of ownership as they dig into what they believe and why they believe it. T.B.D.: THINK. BELIEVE. DO. offers a resource for leaders to engage youth to actively participate in their own faith development and embark of a journey of exploration. As a result, youth begin to ask and answer questions about their faith while also building their own belief system.

Youth ponder and think about their belief system throughout the four-session unit focused on open-ended questions, using the T.B.D.: Salvation Student Journal to write notes, make doodles, and capture the discussion so they can form their faith roadmap. The journal was designed with youth in mind: giving them a space to reflect and begin to dig deeper into what they believe based on the discussion during each session.

The third unit of T.B.D., Salvation, helps students uncover what salvation means to them -- and to their faith. Over the course of four weeks, youth leaders host a small group session with youth centered on a specific assumption or statement to get youth talking about what salvation means to them in the context of that statement, which is meant to get their wheels turning in an open-question discussion format. Youth are asked to think deeply about the statement at hand and create their own perspective based on their faith and belief system.

T.B.D.: Salvation features four unique statements of faith for youth and their leaders to discuss, unpack, and ultimately, find meaning around:

  • Only good people are saved
  • We are saved from Hell
  • Jesus is the way
  • I can do what I want now

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  • Publisher Sparkhouse
  • Format Paperback
  • ISBN 9781506453019
  • Brand T.B.D.
  • Age/Grade Range Grades 9-12; Teen/Youth
  • Dimensions 5 x 8
  • Pages 64
  • Publication Date April 9, 2019

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