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Dwell in God’s word with Bibles for every age and experience level.

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  • Youth–Adult

    Explore the NRSV Bible with accompanying background material, Lutheran insights, and faith reflection starters.

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  • Grades 6–12

    Designed for use with Here We Stand Confirmation, this NRSV Bible includes plain-language notes to enhance accessibility.

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  • Grades 6–12

    Bring the story of God to life for teenagers with interactive graphics, interesting facts, and insightful commentary.

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  • Age 0–3

    Introduces little ones to God’s love and care with this delightful picture Bible that tells twenty of the Bible’s most beloved stories from creation to the resurrection.

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  • PreK–Grade 6

    Engage young kids with Whirl Story Bible and help older kids (Grade 3 and up) dig into scripture with Whirl Bible NRSV.

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  • Age 2–Grade 6

    Help kids encounter the Bible with the colorful Spark Story Bible and the kid-friendly Spark Bible NRSV.

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  • K–Grade 2

    Reinforce the Bible for younger kids through engaging rhymes and illustrations in the Holy Moly Bible Storybooks.

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  • Grades 3–6

    Help kids connect the Bible to their own lives with the activities and tools in the Connect Bible NRSV.

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  • Youth–Adult

    See additional choices for the pew and the classroom that are often given as meaningful gifts and first Bible presentations.

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What sets these Bibles apart?

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    Bibles for all ages

    Age-appropriate Bible resources help everyone—from toddlers to adults—experience the Bible at their own level.

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    Use with a group or on your own

    These Bibles—including those that complement our curricula—can be used beyond the classroom for personal reading and reflection.

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    Distinctly Lutheran voice

    Understand Lutheran approaches to reading and interpreting the Bible through our study versions.

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    A companion for life

    Whether it’s a study or gift edition, a Bible will convey the treasure of God’s promise for a lifetime.