Augsburg Fortress

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  • Spark Bible (NRSV) Gift Edition

    Spark Bible (NRSV) Gift Edition

    Designed for kids in grades 3-6, the Spark Bible NRSV Gift Edition is the perfect gift for your third graders. The sturdy hard-cover design is durable...



  • Augsburg Fortress NRSV Gift and Award Bible: Black

    Augsburg Fortress NRSV Gift and Award Bible: Black

    The New Revised Standard Version (NRSV) Bible is the best English translation available today, following in the tradition of William Tyndale, the King James Version, the American Standard Version, and the Revised Standard Version, while contributing new accuracy, clarity, and grace. This translation is widely used by many Protestant denominations, including the ELCA, and it is the result of work by Protestant, Roman Catholic, Greek Orthodox, and Jewish scholars.  



  • NRSV Augsburg Fortress Pew Bible: Cranberry

    NRSV Augsburg Fortress Pew Bible: Cranberry

    5-3/8" x 8", cranberry hardcover. Includes footnotes and concordance. This product may be personalized with Imprinting Service.



  • NRSV Compact Gift Bible

    NRSV Compact Gift Bible

    The NRSV Augsburg Fortress Compact Gift Bible is an ideal choice for your purse, backpack, bag, or briefcase. With a bonded leather cover, this attractive and...



  • Colaborate: Methodist Student Bible

    Colaborate: Methodist Student Bible

    The Colaborate Methodist Student Bible is no longer available due to rising production costs.

    If you are seeking a replacement option for students engaging with the Colaborate Methodist curriculum, we recommend the Spark Bible (NRSV) Gift Edition.