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Church Envelope Mail Plan

Church Envelope Mail Plan

The Church Envelope Mail Plan addresses the need for increased giving and improved communications while providing time and money saving advantages. Thousands of churches have experienced success by integrating a Church Envelope Mail Plan – typically resulting in contribution increases 10% to 20% over annual boxed sets.
More effective than boxed sets: 

  • No wasted envelopes
  • Flexible distribution lets you to add or delete recipients, and include special offering envelopes and messages throughout the year
  • Serves as a regular reminder to givers
Financial Advantages: 
  • Increased giving
  • Pay only for envelopes that are sent
  • Include additional messages with no additional postage costs
  • Free list cleansing process means reduced returned mail
  • Enjoy a low postage rate for these mailings 
Convenient for You: 
  • Online List Manager keeps database clean and up to date
  • Easy, accurate recording
  • Flexible numbering

To learn more about how the Church Envelope Mail Plan can work for your congregation, call one of our stewardship consultants at 1-800-804-4521, or click here.