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Whirl Lectionary / Year B / Fall 2024 / Director Guide

Whirl Lectionary / Year B / Fall 2024 / Director Guide

A new Director Guide is available each quarter for Whirl so that you’ll have up-to-date seasonal content for the kids in your congregation. This Director Guide is reproducible and contains the following content based on weekly lectionary readings:

  • Large Group Openings: Content for each week to gather kids of all ages before Sunday school time. Each Opening provides ideas for kids to sing together, make connections to the season and each other, and introduce the day’s theme.
  • Children’s Messages: Several ideas for worship leaders to present a lively, engaging children’s message for kids during worship. The variety of choices allows leaders to pick the option that works best for their style, the kids in their congregation, and the church’s building and traditions.
  • Worship Bulletins: Reproducible bulletins to copy and fold for kids. Each double-sided Pre-Reader and Reader Worship Bulletin offers content to help kids connect to the season, the Bible story, and their church.

Additionally, each Director Guide contains:

  • A detailed schedule of lesson titles, Bible texts, and themes for the quarter.
  • Reproducible pages describing Whirl features, perfect for distributing to Whirl teachers and other leaders.
  • Lesson supply lists by grade level to help leaders organize materials for the whole quarter.

This Director Guide is for the Year B 2024 Fall quarter.   

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  • Publisher Sparkhouse Congregational
  • Format Paperback
  • ISBN 9798889831440
  • Brand Whirl
  • Year B
  • Dimensions 8.38 x 10.88
  • Pages 104
  • Publication Date May 7, 2024

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