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The Art of Leading Change: Ten Perspectives on the Messiness of Ministry

The Art of Leading Change: Ten Perspectives on the Messiness of Ministry

In The Art of Leading Change, author Mike Bonem asks: What is the primary distinction between the science and the art of change leadership? His answer: People! And leading people in churches and ministries is messy. The science of change leadership doesn't ignore the human element, but it tends to overlook the differences between people and the significant impact those differences have on how to best lead change. The art of leading change is all about people. We can't do the work God has called us to do without people, yet each individual--and each collection of individuals--is unique. This resource is a guide to better understand and practice the art of leading people through change.

The heart of the book describes ten perspectives on leading change. Each perspective is captured in a memorable phrase that underscores an important principle, such as "Lead with trust" and "Resisters are not the enemy." The ten perspectives are bookended by two other essential insights: "The Challenge of Leading Change" examines the contours and underlying factors that make change so difficult in ministry settings. "The Courage for Change," at the book's conclusion, explores the conviction and fortitude leaders will need for the change journey.

Leading change in a church has never been easy. It has become far more difficult as our society has become increasingly complex, fractured, and secular. Even though change is challenging, pastors and ministry leaders cannot be satisfied with maintaining the status quo. Whether you're leading from the first chair or some other role, and whether the changes you face are big or small, The Art of Leading Change will be a valuable addition to your leadership toolkit.

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  • Publication Date July 26, 2022