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Frolic Storybook Collection: Complete 13-book Set, Paperback Edition

Frolic Storybook Collection: Complete 13-book Set, Paperback Edition

This set includes one copy of each paperback edition of all 13 Frolic storybooks. Frolic storybooks present common early childhood challenges encountered by the charming Frolic friends. Using the faith practice of prayer, each friend manages the challenge and finds a solution.   

These books are designed to accompany the Frolic Nursery, Frolic Family, and Frolic Preschool curricula. This set of books is a wonderful gift for families with young children. 

The following paperback edition titles are included in this set: 

  • Ava and the Big Ouch: A Book about Feeling Better
  • Ava and the Skimpy Picnic: A Book about Sharing
  • Hal and the New Kid: A Book about Making Friends
  • Hal and the Prickle Problem: A Book about Doing Your Part
  • Hal and the Very Long Race: A Book about Self-Acceptance
  • Happy Birthday, Ava!: A Book about Putting Others First
  • Jo and the Not-So-Little Lie: A Book about Telling the Truth
  • Jo and the Slow Soup: A Book about Patience
  • Rufus and His Angry Tail: A Book about Anger
  • Rufus and the Scary Storm: A Book about Being Brave
  • Rufus and the Very Special Baby: A Frolic Christmas Story
  • Rufus Loses His Cape: A Book about Asking for Help
  • Uri and the Busy Day: A Book about Feeling Overwhelmed
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  • Publisher Sparkhouse
  • Format Picture Book
  • ISBN 9781506478586
  • Brand Frolic
  • Age/Grade Range 2-3; PreK-K
  • Publication Date May 3, 2022