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Luke's Jesus: Between Incarnation and Crucifixion

Luke's Jesus: Between Incarnation and Crucifixion

The third evangelist tells the story of Jesus in clear, dramatically compelling, and humanly moving terms. His Jesus is a man of great power, a deep sense of mission, and profound compassion for those on the outskirts of society. And Luke's Gospel has the best stories--that is, parables--including a number that are unique to him. Luke's story fills in the gap between "born of the virgin Mary" and "suffered under Pontius Pilate" in the Apostles' Creed. While it is usually important for those who write biography to report how the lives of their subjects began and ended, Luke's story of Jesus's birth differs from Matthew's version, and the conclusion to Luke's account of Jesus's life ends neither with his death nor with his resurrection but with his being taken up from the earth to the heavens. The Gospel of Luke is historical in its approach, for which there are no apologies: a historical reading follows necessarily from the Christian doctrine of the incarnation, which teaches that God has entered the history of humanity through Jesus. At the same time, Luke's approach is theological: together with the other evangelists, Luke intends to show his readers that in the person of Jesus of Nazareth, God has drawn near to humanity in an inexpressible and unique way.


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Table of Contents


1 The Author: Luke

2 The Subject: Jesus

3 Family, Social Status, Wealth; the Families of Jesus

4 John and Jesus: Preparation in the Wilderness

5 Jesus the Galilean

6 Jesus the Miracle Worker

7 Jesus the Teacher

8 Jesus the Storyteller: four parables