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The Forgotten Luther III: Reclaiming a Vision of Global Community

The Forgotten Luther III: Reclaiming a Vision of Global Community

This study book, the third in the Forgotten Luther series, invites congregations, with the help of five prominent church leaders and Luther scholars, to consider the new shape of global mission in today's world.

Against the growing disparity in wealth and the rising tide of economic refugees throughout the world, this book reflects on Luther's largely forgotten social and economic reforms (to overcome poverty, lack of health care, illiteracy, and old-age insecurity) that flowed from the central doctrine of justification by grace through faith. The book is also a call for informed engagement with partner churches in a critical area of ministry that is frequently neglected.

This study book draws global implications from Luther's reforms and from the theology that shaped them. It is informed by ways in which churches in the Global South have moved beyond world-denying forms of pietism to address the systemic causes of hunger, poverty, and injustice. It is addressed to the whole church at a critical time in history as vast threats to the natural world converge with acute economic hardship for hundreds of millions of people. 

Accompanied by videos of lectures and interviews, this study is designed to provide guidance for congregations who want to be actively engaged in the global mission of the church, including ways in which they can both accompany others and be accompanied by others on a common journey. 

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  • Publication Date August 3, 2021

Table of Contents


     Conrad Braaten andPaul Wee

Reclaiminga Visionof Global Community 

     Paul Wee

2.  TheImmigrant Luther: Domestic Servant or Prophet of Social Justice?                                               

     Carter Lindberg

Luther's Theology of the Cross: A Challenge to the Church of Africa and Beyond 

     Ishmael Noko

When Governments and Politicians Fail: citizenship Formation and the Role of the Church 

    Guillermo Hansen

And Though This World withDevilsFilled: Re-Shaping the World in Hope 

    Mitri Raheb

Polarization in our Parishes, societies, and World Today: Can Luther Help? 

    Karen Bloomquist

6. title 

    Raphael Malpica Padilla

Discussion Questions