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T.B.D.: Think. Believe. Do. / Sin / Grades 9-12 / Student Journal

T.B.D.: Think. Believe. Do. / Sin / Grades 9-12 / Student Journal

Students today are growing up in a world defined by pluralism, and it is imperative that they are being empowered by the church to explore what they believe, understand what their beliefs mean, and how to act on them.

T.B.D.: Think. Believe. Do. is the small group resource for churches that trust youth to actively participate in their own faith development and want to embark on this journey with them. It aims to equip students to embrace the ongoing, sustainable process of discipleship.

The second unit of T.B.D. focuses on sin – helping students understand what sin means, how it impacts their faith and their lives, and what it truly means to them. Throughout the four-session unit, students dive deep into the topic of sin and uncover key beliefs, such as:

  • Sin is real
  • Sin is the devil’s fault
  • Sin is my problem
  • God forgives everybody

The T.B.D Student Journal for Sin offers a way for students to journey through the topic. It offers a creative space for youth to write notes, make doodles, and capture the discussion. In addition, the Student Journal offers youth the opportunity to reflect and continue learning outside of the youth group discussion.

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  • Publisher Sparkhouse
  • Format Paperback
  • ISBN 9781506452951
  • Brand T.B.D.
  • Age/Grade Range Grades 9-12; Teen/Youth
  • Pages 64
  • Dimensions 5 x 8
  • Publication Date August 21, 2018


Help teens unpack the topic of sin—what it means, where it comes, and what to do about it—in this four-week topical group study.

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