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Frolic Family / Storybooks / Birth-Age 3 / Leader Guide

Frolic Family / Storybooks / Birth-Age 3 / Leader Guide

Create connections with young families in your church with Frolic Family Faith Classes. Many early childhood resources are designed for use when the parent and child are separated, but resources in the Frolic Family line support opportunities for parents and children (birth to age three) to grow in faith together.

Within the leader guide, you will find a section for each lesson dedicated to helping your leader or volunteer prepare for the lesson. The prep time outlines the lesson for the day, including how it may be perceived by the parent and child. In addition, there is a key Bible verse and ritual that will be used in the lesson.

Each Frolic Family Faith Class follows a similar structure:

  • Gather time welcomes families into the class and offers a prompt to start the conversation. There are also tips for how to prepare the room for your parents' arrival.
  • Story time features information about the story that you will share in the day's lesson, including question prompts to engage parents and children. There is an optional song to offer for all!
  • Play time offers eight different play centers that you can set up for parents to enjoy with their children, interacting with the lesson and Bible verse in new ways. There is always a station for reading and coloring in every lesson, and it's up to your leader or volunteer for how many stations are set up during the class.
  • Send time summarizes the day's lesson, includes a closing prayer, and offers an optional song to close out the class.

Each lesson includes reproducible table tents to give directions at each play center and coloring pages to use at the coloring station.

The Frolic Family Storybooks Leader Guide includes 13 lessons that explore a child development theme featured in a Frolic storybook together. Key themes include lying, making new friends, egocentrism, getting hurt, and fear. In addition to the leader guide, it is recommended that you purchase the following for your Frolic Family Faith Classes about the Frolic Storybooks:

Not sure how to get started with a Frolic Family Faith Class? Check out our FREE eBook that outlines three easy steps to get started!

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  • Publisher Sparkhouse
  • ISBN 9781506449050
  • Brand Frolic
  • Model Frolic Family
  • Age/Grade Range 0-2; 2-3
  • Year 1
  • Pages 264
  • Unit 4
  • Dimensions 8.5 x 11
  • Publication Date May 1, 2018