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Doing Theology with Humility, Generosity, and Wonder: A Christian Theology of Pluralism

Doing Theology with Humility, Generosity, and Wonder: A Christian Theology of Pluralism

This book looks at how Christians can think about their own theology in a manner that will allow them to not only be more open to interfaith dialogue but also to see that conversation as essential to what it means to be a Christian. For much of history, Christian theology has been used to undergird and justify imperial power. This has required a theological construction that advances a vision of belief that stands above and against the world and other faiths, or at the very least acts as the one vision under which all the others must unite. Empire and the colonizing enterprise do not lend themselves well to plural ways of understanding Christian faith, let alone a plurality of religious faiths. To take plurality seriously, we need a Christian theology that sees itself as a participant in that plurality.

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  • Publisher Fortress Press
  • Format Paperback
  • ISBN 9781506433592
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  • Pages 150
  • Publication Date August 4, 2020


"This book splendidly postulates the intersection of pluralism and liberation with highly convincing and theologically worked out arguments suffused with the author's own rich experiences. Eminently readable, flowing, and full of insights, the volume not only serves scholars in the field but is accessible as well to students of theology and readers in other areas and disciplines. It can provide inspiration and stimulus to those working at the grassroots in intercultural and interreligious settings."

Felix Wilfred, emeritus professor, University of Madras; founder-director, Asian Centre for Cross Cultural Studies

"Damayanthi Niles takes an innovative new approach to the discussions of the all-too-familiar doctrines of the Christian faith--God, Jesus Christ, the Holy Spirit, and the church--to interpret their significance and relevance to religious pluralism and interfaith relations. The result is a short and very readable volume that opens up new avenues of exploring the faith, and a welcome addition to the growing field of rethinking Christian theology for religious plurality."

S. Wesley Ariarajah, professor emeritus, Drew University School of Theology

"Damayanthi Niles's very readable book explores the characteristics of a Christian theology that embraces religious pluralism as its context. Coming from a long line of Asian theologians, she builds on insights and approaches of Asian, African, and African American theologies. Trained in theology and the history of religions at the University of Chicago, she is comfortable turning to concepts from non-Christian religions to enrich, nuance, or challenge Christian theology. This book is valuable reading for those seeking to articulate a progressive, inclusive, and liberationist Christianity that addresses religious pluralism."

Judith A. Berling, professor emerita, Graduate Theological Union

"If there is a book that is extremely helpful in making us understand how salvation and openness to other faiths are so central to the basic doctrines of the Christian faith, this is the one. Now I have found a core text for my systematic and constructive theology classes!"

Eleazar S. Fernandez, United Theological Seminary of the Twin Cities

"This book invites us to look at Christian theology using a dialogical, open-ended, and inclusive approach, rooted in the wisdom of Asian pluralistic traditions. Contextual and forward-looking, it is ideal for use in the classroom, adult forums, and church study groups. I highly recommend it."

Kwok Pui-lan professor emerita, Episcopal Divinity School