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The Creative Word, Second Edition: Canon as a Model for Biblical Education

The Creative Word, Second Edition: Canon as a Model for Biblical Education

Every faith community knows the challenges of inviting new members and the next generation into its shared life without falling into an arid traditionalism or a shallow relativism. Renowned scholar Walter Brueggemann finds a framework for education in the structure of the Hebrew Bible canon, with its assertion of center and limit (in the Torah), of challenge (in the Prophets), and of inquiry (in the Writings).

Incorporating the best insights from his own career and from the fields of canonical criticism, Old Testament theology, and pedagogical theory, Brueggemann offers a vision of how the community can draw on the shape of Scripture to educate its members. First published in 1982, The Creative Word is now updated and introduced with a foreword by Amy Erickson of Iliff School of Theology.

“[A] tremendous work of synthesis, allowing the reader to view the function of the three canonical complexes of the Old Testament. Everyone engaged in teaching or proclaiming God’s word needs to struggle with the issues raised by the author to [avoid] prophetic naïvete on the one hand and institutional ossification on the other.”
Trinity Seminary Review


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Foreword - Amy Erickson
Preface to the Revised Edition
Preface to the 1982 Edition
1. Canon and the Educational Repertoire
2. “What Do These Stones Mean?” (Joshua 4:21)
3. “Is There Any Word from the Lord?” (Jeremiah 37:17)
4. “But Where Shall Wisdom Be Found?” (Job 28:12)
5. Obedience as a Mode of Knowledge