Augsburg Fortress

Jesus, Keep Me Near the Cross

Jesus, Keep Me Near the Cross

This piece is a lilting setting of a familiar hymn by Fanny Crosby. The oboe represents the prayer, rising like incense to God. Cross-relations (gentle dissonances) are woven throughout to add poignancy to this setting. 

Download the Jesus, Keep Me Near the Cross oboe part.
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  • Publisher Augsburg Fortress
  • Format Sheet Music
  • ISBN 9781451492521
  • Brand GladSong
  • Dimensions 7 x 10.25
  • Pages 12
  • Season/Occasion General; Lent & Holy Week
  • Difficulty Easy-Medium
  • Detailed Voicing SA(T)B, piano, oboe or other C inst.
  • Publication Date October 15, 2014

Composer Commentary

I initially conceived this piece as a lullaby for my two young children. The choir “oo’s” at the beginning and end should be sung as part of the instrumental texture, warming the sound. I especially enjoy the use of hemiola and cross-relations throughout the piece.