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Coming Full Circle: Constructing Native Christian Theology

Coming Full Circle: Constructing Native Christian Theology

Coming Full Circle, a unique, multicollaborative project, provides a working constructive Native Christian theology. Drawing together leading scholars in the field, along with elders and practitioners, this volume seeks to fill a significant lacuna in the area and to encourage young Native American scholars and non-Native theologians to reconsider the rich possibilities present in the intersection between Native theory and practice and Christian theology and practice. This innovative work begins with a Native American theory for doing constructive Christian theology and then illustrates the possibilities with chapters on specific Christian doctrines. With significant essays on key doctrinal loci such as sin, revelation and epistemology, prayer and worship, mission and ministry, reconciliation and restoration, and the new creation, this volume will make an important contribution representing the Native American voice in a constructive and contemporary vein. Although not a full-scale systematic dogmatics, this “theology in outline” offers the theory and constructive initiative to encourage further explorations in Native American Christian theologies.
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  • Publisher Fortress Press
  • Format Paperback
  • ISBN 9781451487985
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  • Dimensions 6 x 9
  • Pages 236
  • Publication Date August 1, 2015


1. Theory—Articulating a Native American Theological Theory
Steven Charleston
2. Creation—The New Creation: A Maskoke Post-Colonial Perspective
Marcus Briggs-Cloud
3. Sin—Ambiguity and Complexity and the Sin of Not Conforming
Lisa A. Dellinger
4. Heaven & Hell—Heaven (Ga lv la di tso sv) and Hell (Tsv s gi no):
A Cherokee Mother and Bishop’s Perspective
Carol Gallagher
5. Theological Anthropology—On Being Human: An Interview with Ada Deer
Ada Deer with Steven Charleston
6. Revelation & Epistemology—We Know the Land and the Land Knows Us:
Places of Revelation, Place as Revelation
Jace Weaver
7. Church—Wocekiye Okolakiciye: A Lakota Experience of the Church
Martin Brokenleg
8. Worship & Prayer—Living Prayer, Living Worship
Chebon Kernell
9. Mission & Ministry—Church and Culture: A Difficult Beginning
David Wilson
10. Restoration & Reconciliation—Restoring Truth in a Time of Repentance
Thom White Wolf Fassett