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Reading the Bible in an Age of Crisis: Political Exegesis for a New Day

Reading the Bible in an Age of Crisis: Political Exegesis for a New Day

We live in an age in which economic, ecological, and political crises are not the exception, but the rule. The Cold War polarities that shaped an earlier “political exegesis” have been replaced; increasingly, crisis is the engine of a global “turbo-capitalism.”

Here, biblical scholars and activists describe and exemplify the shape of a biblical interpretation that takes contemporary crisis seriously. Succinct opening essays summarize the salient aspects of our critical situation; in later parts, contributions address themes of economic, political, and environmental crisis in dialogue with biblical texts.
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  • Publication Date August 1, 2015


Part I: Global Crisis and the Practice of Biblical Studies
Introduction—Bruce Worthington
1. Reading the Bible through a Hermeneutic of the Poor—Liz Theoharis and Willie Baptist
2. Occupy My Desk—Neil Elliott
3. Solidarity! Conditions Apply—Christina Petterson
Part II: Global Crisis and the First Testament
4. On the Feasibility of Subsistence Economies—Roland Boer
5. Occupying the Temple in Ancient Judah: Resisting Debt Abuses, from Jerusalem to Wall Street—Matthew J. M. Coomber
6. The Global Crisis of Debt: The Ideology of Empire and Postcolonial Reflections on Naboth’s Vineyard—Robert Wafawanaka
7. Food, Power, and Ecological Hermeneutics: Reading the Joseph Story While Eating GMOs—Gregory Fewster
Part III: Global Crisis and the Second Testament
8. Homelessness, Neoliberalism, and Jesus’ Decision to Go Rogue: An Analysis of Matthew 4:12–25—Robert Myles
9. Romans 13:1–7, with an Eye to Global Capital—Bruce Worthington
10. Occupy Solomon’s Portico—Jonathan Bernier
11. On Trying to Praise the Mutilated World: Reading Revelation in the Midst of Ecological Crisis—Ryan Leif Hansen
12. Postscript: Political Exegesis, Then and Now—Richard Horsley