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St. Martin's Psalter

St. Martin's Psalter

St. Martin's Psalter is a collection of all the psalms assigned by the Revised Common Lectionary, set to tones based on well-known hymn tunes, in Anglican chant style. The familiarity of the tunes both helps to make a connection with the day of season (for instance, a tone based on "O Come, O Come, Emmanuel" is used during Advent) and makes it easier for the congregation to sing the psalm. Each psalm is provided with a refrain or antiphon, often also related to the hymn tune. The settings are flexible enough to be used by any combination of congregation, cantor, and choir.

This CD-ROM contains complete graphic files for all the Revised Common Lectionary psalms and their refrains. Purchasers of this product are granted permission to make all necessary copies for use by their choirs, but not for resale or other unauthorized distribution. 

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  • Publisher Augsburg Fortress
  • Format CD-ROM
  • ISBN 9781451424270
  • Publication Date May 31, 2012

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