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The Company You Keep: The Transforming Power of Male Friendship

The Company You Keep: The Transforming Power of Male Friendship

Why do men rarely invest time and effort building intentional and mutually supportive friendships? How can men create meaningful friendships?

David Bentall explores the experience of three men who have supported each other in friendship for more than twelve years. He chronicles how friendships can inspire, challenge, and have the potential to transform lives. He provides suggestions for initiating long-term, nurturing friendships. Most importantly, Bentall describes the tremendous benefits such friendships have on all areas of a person's life, including family relationships, physical fitness, self-esteem, and spirituality.
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  • Publisher Augsburg Books
  • Format Paperback
  • ISBN 9780806651583
  • Dimensions 6 x 9
  • Pages 208
  • Publication Date October 13, 2004


"Every man I know will benefit from reading David Bentall's wonderful new book! Men crave true friendship, but mostly settle for superficial relationships. This inspiring book will challenge you and give you the tools to take friendship to rewarding levels beyond your greatest expectations. I loved it!"
— Kevin Jenkins, Managing Director of TriWest Capital Management Corp., former President and CEO of Canadian Airlines International, Ltd.

"David Bentall's journey into the souls of men's private matters is one exhilarating but scary trip. Do men really go there? Can a man really find this kind of relational bonding? His pilgrimage says they can and obviously do. The guidelines for covenant friendship will lead any group of men into life-chaning relationships that can bring a growing personal confidence, a strengthened marriage, and a purposeful and spiritual affirming life direction. Not only do I strongly recommend this book but I will seek to implement these concents to the groups I am involved with. Looks like a great journey."
— Dr. Dave Currie, National Director, FamilyLife Canada

"David Bentall puts his finger on a truth that most men sense in the deep recesses of ther souls. They, too, need close friends who will walk with them through the joys and difficulties of life. By giving us a glimpse into how his friendships with Carson and Bob have enrished David's own life — relationships that I have see firsthand — The Company You Keep offers hope that each of us can develop mutually-supportive, mutually-accountable friendships that will help us become the persons we are meant to be."
— Stanley J. Grenz, Pioneer McDonald Professor of Theology, Carey Theological College, Vancouver, BC

Table of Contents


A New View of Friendship
Making Friends on the Playground and at Harvard
Exploring Levels of Friendship

What Can We Do about Criticism?
Who Has Time for Friends Anyway?
Whom Can You Call during a Crisis?
Why Should I Share My Weaknesses with You?
Can You Trust Others to Tell You the Truth?
Does Anyone Really Listen to You?
Are Your Secrets Safe with a Friend?
Who Checks Up on You?

Helping Me Love My Spouse
Helping Me Love My Children
Helping Me in My Career
Helping Me Get Fit
Helping Me Develop My Mind
Helping My Spirit

Jesus As a Model of Friendship and Life
Making Friendship Happen!

Appendix: Commonly Asked Questions about Our Friendship