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The Hindu Traditions: A Concise Introduction

The Hindu Traditions: A Concise Introduction

Renowned lecturer Mark W. Muesse brings readers into an encounter with the world's oldest living religious tradition, known as Hinduism. Muesse's brief survey challenges the perception of Hinduism as one religious tradition, showing how wonderfully rich and diverse this ancient story truly is.

Muesse traces the vast history and practices of classic and diverse traditions, moving from the origins in the Indus Valley up through classic and contemporary periods. He exhibits a keen sense of the myriad spiritualities associated with Hinduism, demonstrating how the religious tradition is both monotheistic and polytheistic.

With photographs and maps, chapter overviews, timelines, summaries, key terms, study questions, suggested readings, and a glossary, Muesse's work incorporates valuable pedagogy to enhance his engaging account of the many Hindu traditions.


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"Mark Muesse's introductory text is a concise and precise account of the Hindu tradition that is both straightforward and sophisticated in its presentation and analysis."
—Arvind Sharma
Birks Professor of Comparative Religion
McGill University

"Of all the world's religions, Hinduism's diversity presents special challenges. Mark Muesse presents well this diversity in his treatment of specific texts, traditions, and practices. Properly focused on widely shared beliefs and practices, Muesse is also attentive to matters of contemporary controversy. This book should work well in courses and is a fine addition to introductory texts on Hinduism."
—Anantanand Rambachan
Professor and Chair of Religion, Philosophy, and Asian Studies
Saint Olaf College


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