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Beyond the Scandals: A Guide to Healthy Sexuality for Clergy

Beyond the Scandals: A Guide to Healthy Sexuality for Clergy

Recent sexual scandals have rocked the North American religious scene and left the churches concerned about credibility and liability. What are the bounds of clergy sexuality? What constitutes misconduct, and what legal, moral, and religious norms apply? More broadly, what has gone wrong, and how can clergy understand their own sexuality and their lives of service?

Lloyd Rediger is a uniquely qualified national expert on all these questions with a strong message for clergy about their sexuality, spirituality, and behavior. In this timely volume, which incorporates material from his earlier volume Ministry and Sexuality, Rediger brings his extensive research, clinical experience, and theological insights to bear on the topic. He offers a comprehensive, authoritative account of clergy sexuality and sexual ethics with up-to-date legal information; helpful research on ethnic, gender, and denominational factors; a religious and moral framework for understanding clergy sexuality; and analysis of the sexual problems encountered by clergy.

This volume could well become the standard pro-fessional resource for clergy in a new era of increased accountability and moral reflection.
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  • Publisher Fortress Press
  • Format Paperback
  • ISBN 9780800636135
  • eBook ISBN 9781451408119
  • Age/Grade Range Adult
  • Dimensions 5.5 x 8.5
  • Pages 256
  • Publication Date August 28, 2003

Table of Contents

Part One: Context
1. Understanding Contemporary Clergy Sex Scandals
What's Going On?
Contextual Insights
What Are We Learning?
What Is New This Time?

2. Diagnosis: Abnormal
The Role of Pastor
Frequent Clergy Maladies
Women Clergy and the Role of Pastor
Sexual Misconduct by Women Pastors
Warning Signs of Clergy Sexual Misconduct

Part Two: Cases and Interventions
3. An Instructive Generic Case
The Pulpits of Madison County
Analysis of the Story

4. Worst-Case Scenarios: Child Abuse
A Friend of Boys
Another Version
A Dad and His Daughters
Intervention and Therapy

5. Insidious Sexual Misconduct
The Wanton Seminary Professor
Friendly Rape
Executive Rape
The Case of the Sexually Obsessed Pastor

6. Dissonant Sexual Expressions
The Paraphilias
Sexual Dysfunctions
Sexual Harassment

7. Victim-Survivor: Care and Prevention
Three Cases
Therapeutic Models and Interventions

Part Three: Healthy Sexuality
8. Why People Act as They Do
Agendas for Human Behavior
An Ethics of Consequences
The Premises of Absolutist Ethics
The Premises of Consequential Ethics
Conscience: A Unique Human Motivation

9. Healthy Sexuality: Its Joys, Varieties, and Agendas
Sex: Adventure and Gift
Generic Definitions (with Many Variations)
Theological Premises
Significant Issues of Sexuality
The Joy of Intimacy
The Sexuality of Our Planet

10. The Joys of Healthy Sex
A Good Pastor on the Edge
Principles of Biblical Wholeness
What Are Health and Fitness?

Appendix: Inventory of Spirituality and Sexuality
Works Cited