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Sources and Contexts of the Book of Concord

Sources and Contexts of the Book of Concord

Born in controversy and raised in university settings, the Lutheran reform movement was embroiled immediately, publicly, and perennially in theological disputes and political battles. While controversies during Martin Luther's lifetime centered on disagreements with Rome and Geneva, present and later differences emerged over interpreting Luther's and Melanchthon's theologies on such issues as governmental interference, liturgical practices, justification's implications for good works and sin, the Lord's supper, and election. It is this defining dis-concord, alternating with attempts at concord and conciliation, that is reflected in the documents newly translated in this indispensable documentary companion to The Book of Concord, which includes the works of Agricola, Eck, Chemnitz, Melanchthon, and Luther.
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  • Publisher Fortress Press
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  • Dimensions 6 x 9
  • Pages 296
  • Publication Date June 28, 2001

Table of Contents


    A Booklet for Laity and Children (translated by Timothy J. Wengert)

    One Hundred Thirty Common Questions by Johann Agricola (translated by Timothy J. Wengert)

    John Eck's Four Hundred Four Articles for the Imperial Diet at Augsburg (translated by Robert Rosin)

    The Schwabach Articles (translated by William R. Russell)

    The Marburg Articles (translated by William R. Russell)

    The Torgau Articles (translated by William R. Russell)

    The Confutation of the Augsburg Confession (translated by Mark D. Tranvik)

    Philip Melanchthon's Disputation: We Are Justified by Faith and Not by Love (translated by Charles P. Arand)

    The Augsburg Interim (translated by Oliver K. Olson)

    The Leipzig Interim (translated by Robert Kolb)

    Judgment on Certain Controversies concerning Certain Articles of the Augsburg Martin Chemnitz (translated by J.A.O. Preus and Robert Kolb)

    Catalog of Testimonies (translated by Thomas Manteufel)

    Martin Luther's Torgau Sermon on Christ's Descent into Hell and the Resurrection (translated by Robert Kolb)

    The Saxon Visitation Articles of 1592 (translated by Charles P. Arand)

    Index of Biblical Passages
    Biographical Index
    Subject Index