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Interpretation and Obedience

Interpretation and Obedience

Drawing on specific texts that speak to cosmic hurt and personal possibility, Walter Brueggemann demonstrates the essential connection between faithful reading of the biblical text and faithful living in a world of banal, yet threatening values. He assesses the nature of obedience today in such areas as ministry, justice, the land, education, hospitality, and the contemporary imagination.
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  • Publisher Fortress Press
  • Format Paperback
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  • Pages 336
  • Publication Date March 1, 1991


"Interpretation that seeks to let the old word be the living, authoritative word must be an act of obedience. Obedient interpretation in the social context of the Western church is to see how the Bible authorizes, evokes, and permits a world that is an alternative to the deathly world of our dominant value system. Conversely, obedience that seeks to act according to the convenantal intentionality of the God of the Bible must be an act of interpretation. Interpretive obedience is an act of imaginative construal to show how the nonnegotiable intentions of Yahweh are to be discerned and practiced in our situation."