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Martin Luther: An Introduction to His Life and Work

Martin Luther: An Introduction to His Life and Work

Luther's impact on theology and history was monumental, his writing was prodigious, his character was complex. The need for a critical overview of Luther's life and work, particularly concerning his writings and theology, is now met in Bernhard Lohse's comprehensive introduction.

Beginning with an overview of Luther's world, Lohse summarizes the course of the reformer's life, highlighting the findings of Luther research and the question that still surround the figure about whom "we know more . . . than we do about anyone else in the sixteenth or any earlier century."

Attention is given to al of the major writings, their relative importance, genre, and historical context. Lohse expertly guides the reader through significant issues in Luther's theology and discusses landmark contributions to the interpretation of Luther. Editions, translations, and other aids for the study of Luther are clearly described and a select bibliography of related works in English is appended.
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  • Publication Date August 1, 1986

Table of Contents


1. Luther's World
2. Questions Related to Luther's Life
3. Luther's Role in the Complicated Controversies of His Time
4. Luther's Writings
5. Aspects and Problems of Luther's Theology
6. The History of the Interpretation of Luther
7. Editions, Scholarly Journals, Aids to the Study of Luther



Select Bibliography of Works in English

Index of Names

Index of Subjects