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Ending Violence in Teen Dating Relationships: A Resource Guide for Parents and Pastors

Ending Violence in Teen Dating Relationships: A Resource Guide for Parents and Pastors

Miles, a nationally recognized expert in the field of domestic violence and teen relationship violence, explores the complex issue of teen dating violence. Through interviews and other research, he provides critical information that parents, caregivers, clergy, and educators can use to protect teens and help them foster healthy dating relationships.

Miles offers thoughtful advice and answers to such questions as: What constitutes violence in teen dating relationships? Why is the problem so pervasive? What are the warning signs that parents and other caring adults can watch for that may indicate a teen is being either abused or abusive? And what can the church do to help?

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  • Publication Date April 19, 2005


Foreword by Dr. Jill Murray

Hell on Earth: Violence in the Dating Relationships of Christian Teens
How Christian Teachings and Popular Culture Contribute to Teen Dating Violence
Unique Challenges: Dating Violence among Urban African Ameridcan Teens
How Clergy, Youth Ministers, Christian Educators, and Parents Can Help
Healthy Teen Dating Relationships: Why Teamwork Is Essential

Appendix A: Qualities of a Healthy Christian Marriage: A Sermon on Domestic Violence Awareness
Appendix B: Selected Resources


"More than any other author I've read about teen dating violence, Rev. Miles captures the unique and challenging issues facing young people today. This book is a critically needed resource for parents to learn about how to identify and prevent teen dating violence and the role their faith plays in these efforts."

—Robin Runge, nationally-recognized attorney-advocate on domestic violence and the law

"Ending Violence in Teen Relationships is a must read for Christian families. Readers will feel astounded by the realities of teens' experiences with violence as Al Miles respectfully tells their stories. As usual, Al Miles is forthright, directly taking on the challenge of dealing with controversial subjects. He writes in accessible language to clarify complex issues. This book is full of useful information for teens and for adults to share with teens. We can all make changes that Al Miles proposes to protect teens, communicating openly with them about their intimate relationships in the context of their religious faith."
—Barrie Levy, LCSW, Adjunct Professor, UCLA, Author of In Love and In Danger and Dating Violence: Young Women in Danger

"If you are a parent or youth minister, please read this book. Al Miles is telling the truth about teenagers' lives and loves. 'You shall know the truth and the truth will make you flinch — before it sets you free.' As parents and pastors we owe it to our youth to understand the challenges of their relationships and how we can help. Al Miles leads us through this minefield with compassion and a critical eye. Thanks be to God."
—The Rev. Dr. Marie M. Fortune, Founder/Senior Analyst, FaithTrust Institute; Editor, Journal of Religion and Abuse

"Al Miles courageously and caringly exposes the damage and the causes of violence in teenage relationships which are hidden and denied by our families and society. This is a must read for youth leaders, pastors and all others working with teenagers whose futures will be seriously damaged if this issue is not addressed. The book provides excellent guidelines and resources for addressing this concern."
—Ted Stoneberg, Professor of Pastoral Care & Counseling, Anderson University, School of Theology

"The reality of intimate violence is a life-threatening physical and social problem in our culture. Yet, we often don't recognize its prevalence in the dating lives of teenagers. Al Miles has created a straightforward book to assist pastors, parents, and all who care about the young people in their lives to stop dating violence. Using a thorough social and theological analysis, Miles explores those dynamics in both Church and culture that support teen violence and those actions that we can employ to stop it. This book, with its direct, no-nonsense style, is essential reading for ministers, youth workers, families, and members of congregations who seek the well-being and safety of today's youth."
—Christie Cozad Neuger, Ph.D., Professor of Pastoral Care and Pastoral Theology, United Theological Seminary of the Twin Cities