Augsburg Fortress

Born in the Night, Mary's Child

Born in the Night, Mary's ChildBorn in the Night, Mary's Child
“Born in the Night, Mary’s Child” is a welcomed addition to the Christmas choral repertoire. The text not only connects us to Christ’s birth, but also to his crucifixion. The text and the haunting melody are supported by a well-crafted piano accompaniment.

Download the Born in the Night C instrument part.
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  • Brand GladSong
  • Difficulty Easy
  • Pages 8
  • Season/Occasion Christmas
  • Voicing SATB/4-part mixed
  • Publication Date Mar 3, 2016
  • Item Number 9781506413822


Audio Sample

Composer Commentary

For years I improvised an accompaniment for a choir anthem with the choir singing from the hymnal. At the request of some church musicians I notated my improvisation, and with this publication of Augsburg Fortress it is now widely available. The melody and the minor harmony, particularly the unexpected C minor chord, beautifully embrace this melody and poignant text. The same music with a louder dynamic level effectively provides a convincing agent for the more joyful text that concludes the anthem. In order to highlight the text “Hope of the world, Mary’s child” I delayed any four-part writing up to that point.