Augsburg Fortress

Just As I Am

Just As I Am

A simple, yet effective anthem reflecting on our response to the invitation of the Gospel to come to Jesus. It includes a verse of the Welsh hymn, "I Hear Thy Welcome Voice" and with only 2 voice parts, it can be quickly learned. The flute introduction sets a peaceful tone.

Download the Just As I Am flute part
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  • Publisher Augsburg Fortress
  • Format Sheet Music
  • ISBN 9781506408699
  • Brand Augsburg Choral Library
  • Dimensions 7 x 10.25
  • Pages 8
  • Season/Occasion Communion; General
  • Voicing 2-part mixed; Piano
  • Difficulty Easy
  • Publication Date October 16, 2015


Composer Commentary

I came across this minor key tune, listed simply as an "Early American Melody," in an old book of very easy piano hymn arrangements brought by a young student. I immediately thought that it would work well for the Gospel hymn, "Just As I Am." The recurring phrase, "O Lamb of God, I come," brought to mind one of my favorite hymns, "I Hear Thy Welcome Voice"—its refrain has the phrase, "I am coming, Lord, coming now to Thee." With its lovely major key melody, it provided a contrasting middle section for the anthem.