Augsburg Fortress

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  • Hymns for Men

    Hymns for Men

    Suitable for either male chorus or quartet. The range of the individual parts is not extreme and the melody is often in an inner voice with the first tenor providing a descant.

    Voicing: TTBB
    Difficulty: Medium-Difficult



  • Selected Songs for Men

    Selected Songs for Men

    Includes: Adeste fideles--Allein Gott in der Höh--Diademata--Easter Hymn--Ein feste Burg--Ellers--Gelobt sei Gott--In dulci jubilo--Kirken den er et...

    Voicing: TTBB
    Difficulty: Medium-Difficult
    Use: Pentecost



  • Let Us Praise God

    Let Us Praise God

    Orff instrument

    Voicing: 2-part mixed; Unison
    Difficulty: Medium-Difficult
    Use: Holy Week



  • Singing in Community: Paperless Music for Worship

    Singing in Community: Paperless Music for Worship

    Singing in Community invites you to reconnect with singing and leading music as generations before us have done, something actually begun in ancient times. Before Gutenberg made it possible to "put the music in people's hands," congregational song and folk hymns were led without printed music for each singer. We can learn to sing in this way - a practice that seems new, but is very old.

    Difficulty: Medium-Difficult



  • Bach for All Seasons

    Bach for All Seasons

    This accessible collection of Johann Sebastian Bach's vocal works (choral movements and chorales from cantatas and other works) encompass the entire...

    Difficulty: Medium-Difficult

  • Chorales from the St. John Passion

    Chorales from the St. John Passion

    Chorales from J.S. Bach's St. John Passion with new English translations! Original German text is included. For use on Good Friday or any Holy Week service.

    Voicing: SATB/4-part mixed
    Difficulty: Medium-Difficult
    Use: Good Friday; Holy Week; Lent & Holy Week

  • Midnight Clear

    Midnight Clear

    A wonderful new melodic setting of the Edmund Sears text. Russell Schulz-Widmar alternates between men's and women's voices as well as accompanied and a...

    Voicing: Organ; SATB/4-part mixed; TTBB
    Difficulty: Medium-Difficult
    Use: Christmas

  • Augsburg Choirbook for Men

    Augsburg Choirbook for Men

    Following the success of the Augsburg Choirbook and the Augsburg Easy Choirbook, the Augsburg Choirbook for Men will satisfy the needs of choirs and small...

    Voicing: TTBB
    Difficulty: Medium-Difficult



  • Augsburg Chorale Book

    Augsburg Chorale Book

    This anthology of 29 chorale settings brings choral music based on the great tradition of Reformation chorale tunes to choirs of all sizes and abilities.

    Difficulty: Medium; Medium-Difficult
    Use: Advent; Christmas; Easter; Lent & Holy Week; Reformation

  • The Augsburg Choirbook: Sacred Choral Music of the Twentieth Century

    The Augsburg Choirbook: Sacred Choral Music of the Twentieth Century

    Representing a long and glorious tradition of choral publishing, The Augsburg Choirbook brings together in a single volume some of the gems of twentieth-century...

    Difficulty: Medium-Difficult