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  • Thanks We Sing to Thee

    Thanks We Sing to Thee

    The familiar tune “Simple Gifts” is paired with a Ralph Waldo Emerson text in this SATB setting by Nancy Grundahl, perfect for Thanksgiving worship.

    Voicing: SATB, Pno
    Difficulty: Easy
    Use: Stewardship; Thanksgiving

  • God's Work, Our Hands

    God's Work, Our Hands

    Wayne L. Wold’s original text and tune were written to support the ELCA mission of “God’s Work, Our Hands.” Well-crafted and easily mastered, this is the perfect anthem for Rally Sunday or mission- and justice-themed services.

    Voicing: SATB, Kybd
    Difficulty: Easy-Medium
    Use: Praise & Thanksgiving; Stewardship; Thanksgiving

  • Song in the Night

    Song in the Night

    Zach Busch creatively wraps a gentle setting of “Song in the Night” around the hymn “Nearer My God to Thee,” making it suitable for Advent, Lent, or general use. 

    Voicing: SAB, Pno
    Difficulty: Easy-Medium
    Use: Advent; Lent & Holy Week

  • All Shall Be Well

    All Shall Be Well

    A timely anthem that speaks to God’s constancy in everchanging times, the melody of this 3-part canon is beautifully written to reflect the reassuring text.

    Voicing: SAB, Pno
    Difficulty: Easy
    Use: General

  • Christ the Center

    Christ the Center

    Perfect for the smaller choir and an easy addition for large choirs, this stately hymnlike anthem features a Herb Brokering text appropriate for Christ the King and occasions focused on Christ’s work in our lives.

    Voicing: 2 pt mxd, Org
    Difficulty: Easy
    Use: Christ the King; Confirmation/Affirmation; General; Ordination

  • Day of Delight and Beauty Unbounded

    Day of Delight and Beauty Unbounded

    This jubilant setting of a new Easter hymn in All Creation Sings is based on the tune IN DIR IST FREUDE. Paul D. Weber writes in a joyful Renaissance style, highlighting the dancelike rhythms of the melody complete with hand drum.

    Voicing: SATB, Org
    Difficulty: Easy
    Use: Easter


  • Whoever Would Be Great among You

    Whoever Would Be Great among You

    Ronald A. Nelson is the composer for this Lenten anthem.

    Voicing: SAB/3-part mixed
    Difficulty: Easy
    Use: Lent & Holy Week


  • Rise Up and Shine

    Rise Up and Shine

    Richard Clemmitt writes a joyful and energetic setting of the tune NOEL with a text by Carl P. Daw, Jr. Learned with ease, choirs will particularly enjoy the tuneful part-writing of the second stanza.

    Voicing: SATB, Org
    Difficulty: Easy-Medium
    Use: Epiphany

  • All My Hope on God Is Founded

    All My Hope on God Is Founded

    A new tune composed by Nick Klemetson is paired with a beloved hymn text in this 2-part mixed anthem. Written for smaller choirs, the creative writing and text painting give this anthem musical interest, making it effective for choirs of any size.

    Voicing: 2 pt mxd, Pno
    Difficulty: Easy-Medium
    Use: Confirmation/Affirmation; General; Ordination; Praise & Thanksgiving

  • The Time of Singing

    The Time of Singing

    Anne Krentz Organ has composed a creative and elegant setting of a text from the Song of Solomon. A beautiful addition to Easter Sunday or anytime during the Easter season.

    Voicing: 2 pt mxd, Pno
    Difficulty: Easy
    Use: Easter

  • Come, Lord Jesus, Come to Earth

    Come, Lord Jesus, Come to Earth

    Walter L. Pelz writes a beautiful Advent anthem that is well-crafted and inviting. Choirs will enjoy the fluid part-writing of the a cappella third stanza.

    Voicing: SAB, Org
    Difficulty: Easy
    Use: Advent

  • Before the Marvel of This Night

    Before the Marvel of This Night

    Published in 1982, this setting of Jaroslav Vajda's wonderful text has become our best-selling seasonal anthem. Also available: instrumental parts by Carl...

    Voicing: SATB/4-part mixed
    Difficulty: Easy-Medium
    Use: Christmas


  • Live unto God

    Live unto God

    Adapted from the Romans 14 text, Zebulon M. Highben writes a graceful and lyrical motet with optional keyboard accompaniment, appropriate for All Saints Sunday or during the Easter season.

    Voicing: SATB
    Difficulty: Medium
    Use: All Saints; Easter; Funeral

  • Jesus Christ the Apple Tree

    Jesus Christ the Apple Tree

    Beauty and flexibility abound in Timothy Shaw’s strophic setting of the beloved Apple Tree Carol. Written in a minor key with a pensive mood, the unison stanzas could be shared by children, soloists, or choir sections.

    Voicing: 2 pt mxd/U, Kybd
    Difficulty: Easy
    Use: Advent; Christmas; Lent & Holy Week

  • My Times Are in Your Hand

    My Times Are in Your Hand

    Lee Scott adds new depth to Psalm 31 in this sensitive and timely setting for SATB choir and keyboard, calling upon God’s faithfulness during times of doubt and fear.

    Voicing: SATB, Kybd
    Difficulty: Easy-Medium
    Use: General

  • Each Road

    Each Road

    A stirring poem about the end of hatred and the epiphany of love by Jeannette M. Lindholm leads to a moving anthem by David C. Pike, rich with choral text painting.

    Voicing: SATB, Org
    Difficulty: Medium-Difficult
    Use: General

  • A Virgin Most Blessed

    A Virgin Most Blessed

    Ryan Kelly writes an uplifting Renaissance-style Christmas anthem with dancelike rhythms, open fifths, and accompaniment for woodwinds and percussion.

    Voicing: SATB
    Difficulty: Medium
    Use: Advent; Christmas

  • By Grace

    By Grace

    With sustained legato lines and subtly shifting harmonies, Cherwien’s writing is both graceful and intriguing. Based on Ephesians, this is the perfect text for Reformation Sunday.

    Voicing: SATB
    Difficulty: Medium
    Use: Confirmation/Affirmation; Ordination; Reformation

  • Call and Answer

    Call and Answer

    Written for an organ dedication, Brenda Portman’s festive anthem features a colorful organ accompaniment with poetry that invites all to join the dance of Christ.

    Voicing: SATB, Children's choir, HB
    Difficulty: Easy-Medium
    Use: General; Praise & Thanksgiving

  • The Spirit of the Lord Is upon Me

    The Spirit of the Lord Is upon Me

    William Greene writes a dramatic choral setting of a scripture passage from Luke with an organ accompaniment that is integral to the anthem. Useful during Advent or for the Epiphany Season.

    Voicing: SATB, Org
    Difficulty: Medium
    Use: Christmas; General