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re:form Traditions: Lutheran

Explore Lutheran history, beliefs, and practices

Why choose re:form Traditions: Lutheran?

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    Lutheran faith and beliefs

    Youth explore four questions about Lutheran faith and beliefs, and learn why this tradition matters today.

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    Videos speak to teens

    Videos look at the question for each session with a blend of hilarity and historical perspective.

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    Flexibility to make it yours

    Add re:form and re:form Ancestors to fit the needs of your confirmation or youth ministry programs.

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    Multiple applications

    re:form Traditions is for confirmation. It’s for retreats. It’s for new member courses. It’s for any moment that affirms and strengthens faith.

How it works

Sessions follow a three-part sequence: Encounter, Engage, and Respond. Youth watch an animated video, join in creative activities, and share in the Lutheran faith tradition.

Session resources are available as a complete curriculum and as digital lessons.

“The Anti-Workbooks are amazing. My youth loved confirmation class last year, and are still coming to church largely because of the videos that presented faith questions in thoughtful, fun, and creative ways.”
Wanda , pastor, Pennsylvania
“re:form totally gets youth. Thanks for making such a great curriculum that is both on their level and challenging. It’s rowdy, and messy, and loud, and they are totally into it.”
Sarah , Georgia
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The centerpiece of the re:form curriculum.

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Scope and sequence

Four sessions focused on questions about Lutheran history, beliefs, and practices. Download the full scope and sequence.

Did Martin Luther really call the Pope the Anti-Christ?
Romans 7:19; Ephesians 2:8-9
How can Lutherans believe in “grace alone” if they also believe in “faith alone” and “Scripture alone”?
Romans 5:1-2
Do I have to memorize the Small Catechism to be Lutheran?
Deuteronomy 6:3-9
What’s a synod and why are there so many different ones?
John 17:18-23