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  • I've Got a Robe

    I've Got a Robe

    A great piano part supports the vocal parts of this stellar arrangement for 2 part treble choir. Consider this arrangement for your older children's group,...

    Voicing: 2-part mixed; Children's choir; Piano
    Difficulty: Easy-Medium
    Use: Epiphany; General



  • Somebody's Knocking at Your Door

    Somebody's Knocking at Your Door

    Here's an exciting gospel style arrangement of the spiritual "Somebody's Knocking" children will love. The range is perfect for the child's voice and the piano...

    Voicing: Children's choir; Unison
    Difficulty: Easy-Medium
    Use: General



  • Christ Be My Leader

    Christ Be My Leader

    "Christ Be My Leader" offers a beautiful setting of the tune SLANE by well-known composer Michael Bedford and strong text by Timothy Dudly Smith. This...

    Voicing: 2-part mixed; Children's choir; Organ; Unison
    Difficulty: Easy
    Use: General



  • As a Child I Give Thanks

    As a Child I Give Thanks

    Here is an anthem with a lovely melody that's perfect for children's voices and for teaching vocal technique. Text by the composer is based on Psalm 9.

    Voicing: 2 pt mxd/Children, Kybd
    Difficulty: Easy
    Use: General




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