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Choral Stanzas for Hymns, Vol. 1

Choral Stanzas for Hymns, Vol. 1

In this first volume of the two-volume set of choral stanzas, you will find settings of 80 hymns. With the creation of Evangelical Lutheran Worship came the inspiration to commission and collect hymn stanzas for a wide range of the hymns and songs. Through composed to align with the texts and tunes, this is a collection that could be easily adapted to work with many denominational hymnals.

Volume 1 focuses on the church year, and includes select stanzas for Hymns #239-502 in Evangelical Lutheran Worship. This volume includes settings by Jeremy J. Bankson, Robert Below, Robert A. Benson, James Biery, Marilyn Biery, Donald Busarow, Michael D. Costello, Bradley Ellingboe, Rick Erickson, Robert Buckley Farlee, Benjamin D. Harlan, John Helgen, Zebulon M. Highben, Robert A. Hobby, Roy Hopp, Carolyn Johnson, Phil Kadidlo, Thomas Keesecker, Michael E. Krentz, Larry J. Long, Aaron David Miller, Anne Krentz Organ, Thomas Pavlechko, Walter L. Pelz, Carl F. Schalk, Mark Sedio, Mark Shepperd, Albert L. Travis, Linda Cable Shute, Wayne L. Wold and Friedrich Zipp.

This collection is fully reproducible for local church use.

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  • Publisher Augsburg Fortress
  • ISBN 9780806698410
  • Dimensions 8.5 x 11
  • Pages 128
  • Difficulty Medium-Difficult
  • Publication Date July 1, 2010

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