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Someday We Will: A Book for Grandparents and Grandchildren

Someday We Will: A Book for Grandparents and Grandchildren

With lyrical text by Pam Webb and the winsome illustration style of Wendy Leach, Someday We Will is the perfect gift for grandparents and grandchildren who look at the calendar with impatience and longing for the next fun-filled time with their loved ones.
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  • Publisher Beaming Books
  • ISBN 9781506454009
  • Age/Grade Range 2-3; PreK-K; Grades 1-2; Grades 3-4; Grades 5-6
  • Format Hardcover
  • Dimensions 10 x 10
  • Pages 32
  • Publication Date April 7, 2020


"Pam Webb's Someday We Will captures all of the sweet and simple pleasures of a trip to Grandma and Grandpa's house. A beautiful book, charmingly illustrated, and a must-read-aloud for all grandparents and the cute little kiddos perched on their laps."
—Mike Allegra, author of Everybody's Favorite Book and Scampers Thinks Like a Scientist

"Loved this sweet charmer of a story highlighting the special relationship between grandchildren and grandparents, along with all the imaginative things they dream of doing together. And my favorite part: no electronics in sight."
—Dianna Dorisi Winget, author of A Million Ways Home and The Hidden Power of Dandelions

"Someday We Will is a beautiful picture book. Children will enjoy the suspense of turning the pages and discovering when the characters will get to do so many fun things--like eating dessert first! Even very young ones will enjoy following along with the repetition of the "Someday . . ." refrain. Parents and grandparents will enjoy reading the book to little ones."
—Mary Cronk Farrell, author of Pure Grit and Irena's Children