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Ending Poverty: A 20/20 Vision: A Guide for Individuals and Congregations

Ending Poverty: A 20/20 Vision: A Guide for Individuals and Congregations

Ending Poverty invites people from varied faith backgrounds to commit themselves to the study of poverty issues and to just action on behalf of those who experience poverty and prejudice due to class.

Stories from four different settings help define poverty, recognize communities of poverty, explore the hidden culture of class, and take a deeper systems view that shows how we are all one community. A practical guide for congregational study groups, this book is a call to action on behalf of the poor.

  • Publisher Augsburg Fortress
  • ISBN 9780806680033
  • Brand Lutheran Voices
  • Format Paperback
  • Dimensions 5.25 x 7.25
  • Pages 112
  • Publication Date May 4, 2006


"I am very excited by Nancy Maeker's and Bishop Rogness's book, Ending Poverty: a 2020 Vision. I'm excited by the book for several reasons. To begin it's very well written. Next, it's a practical book. It can be used in congregations to discuss the critical issue of poverty in a way that ministers to the whole congregation from conservative to liberal. It lays out the biblical and theological rationale for Christian concern for the poor with respect to compassion and justice. Opening with 'A Common Foundation: Shared Principles for Work on Ending Poverty' authored by Bishop Rogness and signed by 34 religious leaders in Minnesota is an excellent introduction to the issue. The book leads readers to excellent resources beyond the book. Also, great questions for discussion accompany each chapter. I also like the congregational stories that lead congregations to think about their own participation with poverty and the poor."

– Grant Abbott, Executive Director of the Saint Paul Area Council of Churches, Saint Paul, Minnesota

"Poverty has been a topic of discussion in the church forever. Usually that's where it ends – in discussion. Ending Poverty presents a powerful, promising, and doable strategy for turning all the discussion, all the agendas, and all the proposals into action, grounded in faith, that can actually lead to the elimination of poverty in Minnesota within fifteen years. People of faith, unite!"
– Alan Loose, Director of Church Relations, Lutheran Social Services of Minnesota

"Bishop Peter Rogness and Bishop's Associate Nancy Maeker are the leading architects of a Saint Paul Area Synod (ELCA) effort to address poverty, one of the major and most pervasive issues of our time. In straightforward, down-to-earth language, the two have provided a basic understanding of the issue, a narrative of how the effort has unfolded, and a gentle but clear challenge to individuals and faith communities to join them in this effort."
– Randy A. Nelson, Director, Contextual Leadership Initiative, Luther Seminary

Table of Contents

"A Common Foundation: Shared Principles for Work on Overcoming Poverty"
A Commentary on "A Common Foundation"

What Is Poverty?
Communities of Poverty1
The Hidden Culture of Class
A Systems View We Are One Community

Appendix: Ending Poverty: A Biblical Moral Mandate within Civil Society