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Dignity and Grace: Wisdom for Caregivers and Those Living with Dementia (Paperback/eBook)

Dignity and Grace: Wisdom for Caregivers and Those Living with Dementia (Paperback/eBook)

Discovering how to live with dementia

"I'm a stranger in a strange land," sighed the dignified gentleman Janet L. Ramsey met walking down the care-center hallway. Those words, her first glimpse of the confusion that comes with dementia, led her into a lifetime of work with older adults.

If you have been diagnosed with dementia or you are accompanying someone with this illness, you may find yourself on a journey that began with a sudden diagnosis and an acute sense of panic. Or perhaps your journey started gradually, as you noticed changes in yourself or in your partner or parent. Whether sudden or gradual, the impact of a diagnosis of dementia reorganizes a family's entire life.

Drawing on her own experience as a pastor, teacher, therapist, and family caregiver, as well as on interviews with eight family and professional caregivers, Janet L. Ramsey helps caregivers and those with impaired memories learn as they listen to each other. She also shows them how the Holy Spirit can awaken their imagination and understanding while they discover how to live with dementia.

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  • ISBN 9781506431789
  • Format Paperback
  • Dimensions 9 x 9
  • Pages 178
  • Publisher Fortress Press
  • Publication Date Aug 1, 2018

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