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Nurturing Hope: Christian Pastoral Care in the Twenty-First Century (Paperback/eBook)

Nurturing Hope: Christian Pastoral Care in the Twenty-First Century (Paperback/eBook)

Trends and skills for those who offer pastoral care

Christian pastoral care has changed a great deal in the past few decades in response to many factors in our rapidly changing world. In part 1 of Nurturing Hope, Lynne Baab discusses seven trends in pastoral care--shifts in who delivers pastoral care, the attitudes and commitments that undergird pastoral care, and societal trends that are shaping pastoral care today. She illustrates them with stories from diverse congregations where Christian caregivers are meeting those challenges in creative and exciting ways.

In the second half of the book, Baab presents four practical, doable, energizing skills needed by pastoral carers in our time. Focusing on skills that help carers nurture connections between everyday life and Christian faith, she explores the need for carers to understand common stressors, listen, pray with others, and nurture their personal resilience.

Grounded in an understanding of God as the true caregiver and healer, the author offers tips for readers who are training other pastoral carers or developing their own understanding and skills. Each chapter ends with discussion and reflection questions, making the book helpful for groups.

Lynne Baab brings readers hope for their caring role and for their own spiritual journey.

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  • ISBN 9781506434278
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  • Publication Date Aug 1, 2018

Table of Contents

Introduction: Christian Pastoral Care in the Twenty-First Century
Part One: Shifts in Pastoral Care in the Twenty-First Century
Chapter 1. Pastoral Care Has Many Models
Chapter 2. Teams and a Variety of Individuals Provide Pastoral Care 
Chapter 3. Christian Pastoral Care Is Grounded in the Triune God
Chapter 4. Christian Pastoral Care Is Missional
Chapter 5. Pastoral Care Occurs across Ethnicities and Religions
Chapter 6. Pastoral Care Empowers
Chapter 7. Pastoral Carers Consider the Web of Relationships 
Part Two: Skills for Pastoral Care
Chapter 8. Old/New Sources of Stress 
Chapter 9. Listening Skills
Chapter 10. Spiritual Practices
Chapter 11. Resilience 
Chapter 12. Conclusion: Pastoral Care and Hope

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