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Soli Deo Gloria Set

Soli Deo Gloria Set

Soli Deo Gloria is three-volume series of devotion collections for the choir, choir director, and music lovers covering years A, B, and C. The collection features brief meditations based on the texts given in the Revised Common Lectionary, emphasizing the choir's leadership role in worship. By purchasing all three, you will receive a 30% discount.

The ministry of choral music requires preparation of both heart and voice. These devotionals, used at either rehearsal or before worship, will provide a spiritual element much as vocal warm-ups provide the musical element. Also included with each devotional is a hymn text appropriate for the day and rehearsal planning pages.

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  • Format Paperback
  • Year A; B; C
  • Item Number ED018797
  • Publication Date November 4, 2011