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Augsburg Adult Bible Studies Leader Guide Standing Order

Augsburg Adult Bible Studies Leader Guide Standing Order

Augsburg Adult Bible Study is a year-round Bible study that is released quarterly and is based on a six-year cycle as found in the International Uniform Lesson Series (National Council of Churches). Written by an array of accomplished theologians, this series provides terrific insights into scripture through questions, prayer, suggested memorization, and daily readings.

Each session:

  • Explores the meaning of the text for the original writer and audience, and for today
  • Includes a list of related texts for daily Bible reading
  • Provides extensive background on each text and recommendations for leading the sessions

Unfortunately, subscriptions for Augsburg Adult Bible Studies have decreased, while production and shipping costs have increased dramatically. For these reasons, Augsburg Adult Bible Studies will be discontinued in 2024. The June/July/August 2024 issue will be the final issue of Augsburg Adult Bible Studies. 

Sign up deadline for Quarter 1 (December-February) is 9/25/2023. Signup deadline for Quarter 2 (March-May) is 12/18/2023. Signup deadline for Quarter 3 (June-August) is 3/26/2024. If you need past issues, please call Sales and Service at 800-328-4648.
  • Publisher Augsburg Fortress
  • Age/Grade Range Adult
  • Item Number ABS LDR G

Augsburg Adult Bible Studies

Build connections using this weekly study for small groups based on selected books of the Bible.

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