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Praying the Catechism: third edition

Praying the Catechism: third edition

This edition is updated to include content from Evangelical Lutheran Worship.

This devotional book is an attempt to help restore the Catechism into the prayer room. It invites you to experience its parts through a journey of prayer and meditation. Along with the Catechis, passages of Scripture, the liturgies of Baptism, and the Eucharist are used as a starting point for some meditations.

This book was written to be a part of the Adult Catechumenate Program of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Canada for adults preparing for Baptism. It is divided into two sections which may be used approximately 40 days before and 50 days after their Baptism. If Baptism is to occur at the Easter Vigil, the two sections are especially appropriate for the seasons of Lent and Easter, respectively. It is hoped that people preparing to affirm their faith, whether old or young, will find this book helpful.

It is also hoped that this book will be used by individuals and families as a part of their devotional life. In this case, the book may be used in its 90-day entirety, or the devotions may be undertaken in smaller sections through the six sections of the Catechism: the Ten Commandments, the Creed, the Lord's Prayer, Baptism, Eucharist and Confession.
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  • Publication Date September 9, 2008


"As one part of the Adult Catechumenate program of baptismal preparation, this book invites a rediscovery of the capacity of prayer to nurture and restore the faith of the community. Within increasingly pluralistic and secular societies the family of faith is invited to gather around the Catechism, as Martin Luther once directed parents to gather their children. None who participate in this journey of prayer to the font will remain unchanged."
— Pastor Rebecca Larson, Director of Church in Society of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America

"Taking the central pattern of our baptism, as this is summed up in the Catechism, Pastor Johnson has drawn us more deeply into this pattern as a way of being before God through the course of our real lives. Here is a profound way to keep Lent and Easter — and a profound way to draw on the strength of Lent and Easter while living out our ordinary days."
— Gordon W. Lathrop, Charles A. Schieren Professor of Liturgy, Emeritus Lutheran Theological Seminary, Philadelphia